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This is my page.

It's not about anything in particular.

It serves no purpose but to allow me to share some of my creations with those who may be interested.

If you like what you see during your visit here, then my day is happier.

I welcome any and all comments you may have about this webpage, either through a guestbook signing or an email.

I have plans to add another page of custom drawings. I am taking a black & white phote of my husband's grandparents and re-creating it in a color drawing. Be sure to keep an eye open for it, it should be interesting!

Thank you for visiting!!

My sincere thanks to Jeff Newman of DrawingHand Creations for his wonderful ArtStudio Program used for drawing the "Doodles" Logo shown above.

The Artist
Vargas #2
Vargas #2
Petty #1
Vintage Pinups
Pen & Ink Dragon

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